In 1996 Peiba, the home of Pepo Papa, became a family-owned business. The core of their work derives from the production, trade and export of shell-less pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil.
The shell-less pumpkin seeds, which are grown in Hungary, are first harvested, washed, dried at a low temperature and then stored in a cool dark place. Before pressing they clean the seeds again, then grind them, they knead the ground seeds with a little salt and water and then they start to heat it gently. As a result of this process the protein in the seeds will shrink and the oil will reveal itself with its characteristic taste and colour. This process is under continuous control by our press masters, allowing them to determine when the mixture is in the ideal condition to press.
The pressing is carried out using a hydraulic press. The pressed oil is stored in stainless steel barrels, until it has settled, and after this it is bottled. No chemical or biological treatment is used in the oil.
Through this traditional process the pumpkin seed oil attains its own natural distinctive colour and flavour, as well as being healthy and free from microbiological infections. The consistently high quality is guaranteed by using selected raw materials, modern technology, and expert dedicated staff.

What we love about the Peiba team the most is their focus on quality and their love and passion for the product and their team. We instantly felt part of the team and are looking forward to our next visit.

The Press Masters

The Press Masters
We discovered Csinta a few month ago purely by accident (Thanks Sis;-). We immediately fell in love with the intense fruity falvours and charming brand. With no hesitation we contacted this lovely family business and had the ball rolling in no time.

The success of Csinta is down to the love, care and expertise with which they are being prepared.
While visiting the home of Csinta we were blown away by the knowledge that goes into this well and truly natural snack.
The organic fruit is sourced locally and the makers maintain a strong and friendly relationship with the farmers. Every single fruit that goes into Csinta is inspected... dedication at it's best! The Csinta range contains absolutely nothing but the FRUIT and 2 of the Csinta cones are filled with honey and spiced seeds. What a combination!

Csinta is well and truly unique and so are the makers who deserve all the credit for its success. We are proud to be part of their venture and are looking forward to putting smiles on faces with this gem in the UK too.
Coming Soon!
GasztRobi seasonings - Unique flavours hand made from natural farm produce.
During a trip to Hungary we met this amazing couple who introduced us to the intense world of GasztRobi. When we tried the Smoked Tomoato seasoning we instantly knew this is something special.
Seasonings: Smoked Paprika; Smoked Garlic Powder; Smoked Onion Powder; Smoked tomato, smoked mushroom and basil Mix; Smoked Oyster Mushroom Powder; Hungarian Style Oyster Mushroom Powder...
Mushrooms: Beechwood smoked, dried and sliced oyster mushrooms; Dried and sliced Oyster mushrooms with Smoked Garlic...
Watch this space!

Nemesvámos - Home of Pepo Papa

When we visited the home of Pepo Papa we travelled to the small town of Nemesvámos in Veszprém county, Western Hungary. This charming town and area has a lot to offer such as the mountainous region of Bakony and Lake Balaton.
During our stay we enjoyed the famous Hungarian hospitality at an equally charming guesthouse run by a lovely couple. For when you are in the area we highly recommend the Vámosi Guesthouse.


Thanks to Indigo Designs we have a fantastic logo. Only if everything was this smooth... Indigo design has been an absolute joy to work with and we will be back for more creatives.
Thanks to the team at Hughenden Graphic Partnership we are kitted out with attention grabbing posters and displays for our events. It has been an absolutely pleasure to spend time wit the team and no doubt we will be back.

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